Custom Wool Processing

How do I prep my fleece for processing? 
Your fleece will need to be skirted and bagged prior to it’s arrival to me for processing. This means your fibre can go straight into the wash. 

 Skirting- Skirting is removing all the pieces of vegetable matter, also referred to as VM. VM is pieces of straw, hay, grain, manure, seeds, etc. You will want to lay your fleece out on a panel, table, or flat surface. Once it has been laid out, you will carefully pick out all the pieces of VM. Once it has been skirted, you can put it into garbage bags or bins and can bring them to me for processing. 

What is the minimum and maximum weight needed for processing?
I accept as little as 5 pounds, and as much 15 pounds. 

What types of fibres do you accept?
I accept both long & short fleeces, just sheep's wool at this time. Maximum staple length is 8 inches, if any longer my carder will have struggles carding it and it won’t go around the drum well. 
What does processing look like? 

When your fibre arrives here, it goes straight into washing. This is done with warm water, and dawn dish soap. It goes through a few washes until the water runs clear and the lanolin is fully removed.

Once your fibre has been washed, and dried, it will head through the picker a few times. This will take out all the pieces of vegetable matter that didn’t come out during skirting. 
Once it’s picked, it goes right to the carder. The carder aligns all your fibres in the same direction, and smooth out each lock. Once it’s been carded, I take it off the drum and we’ve got your batts! Once it's been carded, your wool is ready for spinning and felting usage.
Washing cost is $10 / per pound 
Carding cost is $15 / per pound