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Prairie Shepherdess

Wool Dryer Balls - Sunna

Wool Dryer Balls - Sunna

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100% Wool Dryer Balls handmade from the fleece grown by Icelandic ewe, Sunna. This was Sunna's fall 2023 fleece, and was hand processed and felted into dryer balls by me right here on the farm.

Why should you switch to 100% wool dryer balls?

-They are free of chemicals and toxins making them a safer option to use on your clothes and ultimately safer for your skin.

-They sneak in between your layers of clothing, and bounce around into the clothing which helps reduce your drying time by 25%!

-Unlike dryer sheets that have to be thrown away after each use, dryer balls can be reused in your dryer up to 1,000 times, sometimes even longer. We've had the same dryer balls for a few years now, and they still work wonderful!

For small loads I recommend 3-5 balls, for medium loads I recommend 5-7 balls, and for larger loads I recommend 7-9 balls.

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