Hi! I’m Kamden. I’m the face behind Prairie Shepherdess. I’m a 16 year old fibre farmer and shepherdess raising sheep on the Alberta prairies.

It all started in 2020 when I took an interest in my parents new flock of Navajo Churro sheep. I was interested in rotational grazing, flock management, everything from life to death, and everything in between. After 6 months will the flock, I fell deeply in love with all the aspects of growing and producing lamb. When my parents didn’t want to continue with the sheep, I begged to keep a few of my favourites. They gave in, and let me keep the ewe lambs born in 2020, and 2 of the initial ewes. Starting my flock off at 7 ewes!

Fast forward to 2023, I have now taken over the flock & have added in wool processing, sheepskins, sheep milk products, as well as farm fresh eggs.

I raise a flock of triple purpose Navajo Churro & Icelandic sheep, along with a few crosses I’ve acquired over the years. I currently have 26 ewes, and 2 rams. The flock is sheared twice a year in March & September. They are either sheared by me with hand shears, or electrically clipped by someone locally. Once the fleeces are sheared, I then skirt the fleece and sell it to fibre artists, or keep it for myself. With my wool, I make wool dryer balls, ready to spin batts, rugs, felted sheep milk soap, and coming soon yarn.

Each year I raise and process 6-10 lambs. They are all sold as half and whole lambs for tables over the winter. I get back the hides from my lambs, and naturally tan them with egg & smoke. Once the hides are finished, they are all available to people like you. Not only do I tan for myself, but I also do custom tanning on sheepskins. 

Along with the sheep, I have a small flock of chickens & ducks I raise for eggs. I have roughly 20 hens, 2 roosters, and 6 ducks. The eggs are sold locally, or used for my sheepskins. If I have extras, I also offer hatching eggs a few times a year. 

Thanks for following along!

You can find me here -

@prairieshepherdess on social