Hi! I’m Kamden. I’m the face behind Prairie Shepherdess. I’m a 16 year old fibre farmer and shepherdess raising triple purpose Icelandic & Navajo Churro sheep outside of Camrose, Alberta. 

I’m a born and raised city kid turned farm kid. After living in town until the time I was 9, my life and passions changed after moving out to the farm in 2017 and I’m grateful for it everyday. We moved out to the farm in 2017 and started off with 25 chickens and 2 pigs, and grew from there. Currently, my family raised hogs and cattle, and I raise sheep, chickens, and ducks. 

While we had livestock for a few years before we got the sheep, I never took much interest in everything with the animals until 2020 when we brought home our first sheep. My parents purchased a flock of bred Navajo Churro sheep in the spring of 2020, and here we are four years later! That first year with the flock we got to do everything from rotational grazing, flock management, raising our own meat lambs, and everything in between. After 6 months will the flock, I fell deeply in love with all the aspects of growing and producing lamb and caring for them. When my parents didn’t want to continue with the sheep, I begged to keep a few of my favourites. They let me keep the ewe lambs born in 2020, and 2 of the initial ewes. So, my journey into sheep started that fall in 2020, and I’ve never looked back! 

Fast forward to 2024, I have a flock of 35 and am focused on raising triple purpose animals. My flock is primarily purebred Icelandic & Navajo Churro, but I do have a few Navajo Churro crosses as well as a Rideau Arcott. 

I lamb once a year in the spring, and by the time June comes around my lambs are ready to send to their new homes. I offer registered and unregistered breeding stock throughout Canada each summer. I have added a registered Icelandic ram to the flock from Le Biscornu and am excited to be able to offer registered breeding stock come the summer of 2025! 

 The flock is sheared twice a year in the spring and fall. I offer most of my wool to fibre artists to process for their own creations, but I do keep a few fleeces each shearing and process it myself. With the wool I keep, I make 100% wool dryer balls, batts, felted fleece rugs, as well as felted sheep milk soap. 

Along with the wool, I raise and process 6-10 lambs each year. They are all sold as half and whole lambs for tables, as well as I get back the hides and skulls. The skulls are cleaned, and the hides are tanned. I’m very passionate about whole animal use, so being able to keep the skulls and hides is huse! All the tanning is done right here on the farm by me using traditional tanning methods. The hides are hand tanned by the use of egg yolk from my flock of chickens, and smoke to set the tan. Along with my hides, I also offer custom tanning services on sheepskins.

After my lambs are weaned, I will often milk a few of my girls and their milk gets frozen and put towards sheep milk soap throughout the winter. 

Thanks for following along!