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Prairie Shepherdess

Whole Lamb Deposit

Whole Lamb Deposit

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Looking to fill your freezer with meat in the new year? My next batch of lambs are headed off to the butcher on April 15, 2025.

I breed and raise a flock of triple purpose Navajo Churro and Icelandic sheep outside of Camrose, Alberta. The ewes are bred in the late fall to lamb in the early springtime and by the time the following winter-early spring comes around, the lambs are big enough to make their ultimate sacrifice to put meat on tables and nourish bodies. 

From a whole lamb, you can expect 30-40 pounds of meat. Pricing is $9 a pound based off hanging weight, plus cut and wrap fees of $147 plus GST per lamb. All processing is done at Forestburg meats in Forestburg, and takes about two weeks to process and prepare. Once the meat is ready to go, I will pickup your box at Forestburg, and contact you for further info to discuss pickup from the farm

To honour the lives of the lambs I have processed, I utilize as much as possible as well by getting back organs, as well as tan their hides. The hides are traditionally tanned right here on the farm by me with the use of egg yolks from our flock of chickens, and smoke to set the tan. They are worked on for about two months, and once finished, they are ready to send to their forever homes.

As my way of being able to connect you with your food, the animals, and how it's grown/raised on a deeper level, I have made it possible to get back the hide from the lamb that has put meat on your table. You are able to choose your lamb based off of their breed/colour, and that lamb will not only put meat on your table, but you will also get to keep a piece of them while honouring their sweet life by adding their sheepskin to your home. Your hide will take me approximately two months to finish and tan, so will be ready shortly after your lamb is processed. Your deposit of $50 will ensure you get the sheepskin from your lamb, and full cost can be paid at pickup time. Each hide is $325 in full price. The deposit you pay will be taken off cost at pickup. Once your deposit is placed, I will send further info to you on my lambs, and you can choose your future sheepskin then. 

Deposit Pricing - 

Whole Lamb : $100 per lamb

Whole Lamb + Sheepskin : $150 per lamb

Please note, the pricing paid for your deposit of a whole lamb, or a whole lamb plus their sheepskin will be taken off cost come pickup time.

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