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Prairie Shepherdess

Icelandic Hide - “Nellie”

Icelandic Hide - “Nellie”

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Icelandic hide from “Nellie”. Nellie is 30 inches long, 25 1/2 inches wide, with locks averaging 7 inches.

Nellie was a yearling ewe raised on the farm. After needing a c-section due to her size, I decided not breeding her again was the best option. I had her processed and she was able to provide meat for someone and I was able to tan her hide.

Her hide was tanned traditionally by me here on the farm with the use of egg yolks from my chickens and smoke to set the tan.

Please expect a small amount of vegetable matter to be in the sheepskin as I can’t remove each tiny piece, as well as a slight smoke smell which will go away with some time.


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